Our emerging musicians

Kindermusik class for ages 3 to 5 year olds,  takes preschoolers on an incredible musical journey—a journey that is limited only by the power of the imagination. In each 45-minute class, musical pretend-play activities encourage creativity and individuality while also emphasizing cooperation and collaborative learning. Over the course, children build cognitive, social-emotional, and language skills through a variety of group activities that incorporate singing, dancing, story time, and instrument play. You’ll join in the fun for the last 15 minutes of each class to watch your child’s creativity blossom and share valuable together time. Kindermusik home materials let you continue the learning and fun at home with books, CDs, instruments, and more.

Fall 2019 Curriculum

Week #1-4: Adventures at Grasshopper Park: Together we take a trip to Grasshopper Park, stretching our minds and bodies with music and movement and lighting up our imagination to discover all the fun things we can do at the playground. Musical fun with glissandos, clatterpillars, and wooden instruments get us started on sounds, and playing music together!

Week #5-7: Up in the Treehouse: We’re at the Grasshopper Park today playing with the wind and the sun, climbing trees and exploring the world all around us. We let pretend play and movement do what they do naturally – enrich all the areas of our child’s developing self: physical, social, emotional, and cognitive.

Week #8-10: Our Feathered Friends: Our feathered friends lead us on an adventure where we imagine all the ways we can express ourselves with singing and with movement. As we practice and play, we are strengthening language development, social skills and creativity!

Week #11-13: Going on a Picnic: A picnic at the park is the perfect way to explore the sounds of words, different instruments and celebrate how creative we are. We put all of our ideas, words, music and (pretend) food in the picnic basket for dramatic play and fun learning!